The LIME Network hosts Slice of LIME Seminars on topics related to Indigenous health and health professional education. The seminars aim to contribute to sharing knowledge and strengthening capacity amongst the LIME Network membership.  Seminars are often co-hosted by the LIME Network and partner universities or organisations. Seminars are streamed live on-line where possible and recorded and uploaded to YouTube for later viewing.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander viewers are advised that Slice of LIME Seminars may contain images, voices and names of deceased persons.

If you would like to host a seminar, please complete the Slice of LIME Application Form.

Slice of LIME Seminar 13: Adapting Indigenous Health Teaching and Learning During COVID-19

Presentations by: Ms Candice McKenzie, Associate Head of School, Indigenous Strategy, Deakin University Dr Kim Isaacs and Prof David Paul, The University of Notre Dame, Fremantle Jeannine Stairmand and Rhiannon Jones – University of Otago, Wellington Dr Karen Fildes, Dr Marlene Longbottom and Prof Kathie Clapham – The University of Wollongong

Slice of LIME 12.5: LIME Connection VIII

Presenter: Dr Nadine Caron

Slice of LIME Seminar 12.2: LIME Connection VIII

Presenter: A/Prof. Elana Curtis

Slice of LIME Seminar 12.1: LIME Connection VIII

Presenters: Professor Suzanne Pitama & Ms Tania Huria

Slice of LIME Seminar 11: Assessment in Indigenous Health Education

Tuesday 3rd September 2019 9:15-10:15am Facilitators: A/Prof Suzanne Pitama and Dr Maira Patu, University of Otago, Christchurch

Slice of LIME Seminar 10: National Conference on Indigenous Health Workforce Leadership

Keynote address: Hon Ken Wyatt AM, MP, Prof Cindy Shannon and Dr Kristopher Rallah-Baker -Panel session chaired by Prof Shaun Ewen, A/Prof Shannon Springer, Janine Mohamed, Donna Murray, Natasha Lee

Slice of LIME Seminar 9

‘Outing’ Unconscious Bias – Strategies to reconfigure harmful response modes in Indigenous health care

Slice of LIME Seminar 8

Teaching While Black – Navigating Race and Racism within Higher Education

Slice of Lime Seminar 6 thumbnail

Slice of LIME Seminar 7

1967 Referendum – Implications for health then, now and in the future

Slice of Lime Seminar 6 thumbnail

Slice of LIME Seminar 6

Traditional Aboriginal healing & western medicine – The missing gap

Slice of Lime Seminar 5 thumbnail

Slice of LIME Seminar 5

Health Literacy

Slice of Lime Seminar 3 thumbnail

Slice of LIME Seminar 4

Finding common ground – Avoiding the terminolody trap

Slice of Lime Seminar 4 thumbnail

Slice of LIME Seminar 3

Ngara… Deep listening… Seeing two ways. What can indigenous knowledge, mindfulness and observational skills training bring to medical practice?

Slice of Lime Seminar 2 thumbnail

Slice of LIME Seminar 2

Having the hard conversations using deconstruction to work successfully with resistant, uncritical and racist responses to Indigenous health curriculum

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Slice of LIME Seminar 1

Admission criteria for diverse student cohorts