The LIME Network Indigenous Pathways into Medicine Online Resource is designed to help future students determine which university will be the best fit for them as they study to become a doctor. There are many paths to gain entry into a medical degree.

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Racism influences medical students’ decision on practicing in minority or underserved communities

(2019) Medical Press

Journal Article
Learning about Aboriginal health and wellbeing at the postgraduate level: novel application of the Growth and Empowerment Measure


Journal Article
‘Good in the Hood’ or ‘Burn It Down’? Reconciling Black Presence in the Academy


Journal Article
Health, racism and human rights: ‘I’m not racist but …’.


Journal Article
Pre-Medicine and Pre-Dentistry Program: Creating opportunity for Indigenous students


Journal Article
An Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Oral Health Curriculum Framework: Development experiences in Western Australia


Journal Article
Integrated undergraduate Aboriginal health curricula – validating a programme evaluation survey tool

(2011) ANZHAPE: Australian &New Zealand Association for Health Professional Educators

Journal Article
When a patient’s ethnicity is declared, medical students’ decision-making processes are affected


Journal Article
Can my mechanic fix blue cars? A discussion of health clinician’s interactions with Aboriginal Australian clients


Journal Article
Pre-graduating medical students interest in rural internship.



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