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Year 2020
Author(s) Arabena.K, Somerville.E, Penny.L, Dashwood.R, Bloxsome.S, Warrior.K, Pratt.K, Lankin.M, Kenny.K, Rahman.A
Topic(s) Medical Professionalism and Culture Safety | Other |
Book/Journal Traumatology Talks – Black Wounds, White Stitches
Resource Type Report
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Traumatology: the study of wounds and injuries caused by accidents or violence and the surgical therapy needed to repair the damage.Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples’1 traumatology: Intergenerational trauma resulting from genocide, forced separations and removal with epigenetic, telomeric and associated biological changes that are exacerbated by re-traumatising events, poor social and cultural determinants of health, and narratives of desperation, disadvantage, marginalisation and vulnerability.