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Year 2016
Author(s) Bethne Hart, Miriam Cavanagh & Denise Douglas
Topic(s) Cultural Immersion | History and Culture | Partnering with Indigenous Communities | Placements |
Book/Journal Contemporary Nurse
Resource Type Project Case Studies
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Background: Cultural awareness and cultural competence have been the focus of the transcultural nursing literature that has explored the roles and responsibilities of nurses in their care of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples. Cultural immersion programs, upholding cultural safety and cultural humility, offer valuable guidance to the education of nursing students regarding Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health and cultures.
Objectives: This study seeks to explore nursing students’ experiences of a cultural immersion program within Aboriginal Medical Services (AMSs) in New South Wales, Australia.
Design: Eight nursing students participated in a mixed methods design exploratory study of their clinical placement within AMSs.
Methods: A survey gathered data regarding levels of preparation and confidence, learning barriers, placement stressors and personal reflections.
Findings: Nursing students reported positive and transformative experiences of intercultural learning.
Conclusions: Cultural immersion programs provide a valuable framework for the design and evaluation of clinical placement programs for nursing students within intercultural learning spaces.