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Year 2015
Author(s) Curtis E, Wikaire E, Kool B, Honey M, Kelly F, Poole P, Barrow M, Airini, Ewen S, Reid P
Topic(s) Recruitment and Student Support | Teaching and Learning | Training Indigenous Health Practitioners |
Book/Journal Higher Education Research & Development
Volume and Page Info Volume 34, Issue 3
Resource Type Journal Article
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Tertiary institutions aim to provide high quality teaching and learning that meet the academic needs for an increasingly diverse student body including indigenous students. Tātou Tātou is a qualitative research project utilising Kaupapa Māori research methodology and the Critical Incident Technique interview method to investigate the teaching and learning practices that help or hinder Māori student success in non-lecture settings within undergraduate health programmes at the University of Auckland. Forty-one interviews were completed from medicine, health sciences, nursing and pharmacy. A total of 1346 critical incidents were identified with 67% helping and 33% hindering Māori student success. Thirteen sub-themes were grouped into three overarching themes representing potential areas of focus for tertiary institutional undergraduate health programme development: Māori student support services, undergraduate programme, and Māori student whanaungatanga. Academic success for indigenous students requires multi-faceted, inclusive, culturally responsive and engaging teaching and learning approaches delivered by educators and student support staff.