LIME Light Award

LIME Light Award

The LIMElight Awards are given in recognition of the significant and outstanding work staff, students and medical schools undertake in the teaching and learning of Indigenous health in medical education, as well as Indigenous student recruitment and support to graduation. These awards acknowledge innovative programs and initiatives which address critical issues, bring people together collaboratively and implement innovative solutions.

The Awards are held in conjunction with LIME Connection VI – the Leaders in Indigenous Medical Education (LIME) biennial conference. The award winners were announced at the LIME Connection VI Dinner on 12th August 2015, in Townsville, Australia. Congratuations to all the winners!


Applications and Nominations for each category may be for an individual or organisation, apart from the Leadership and Student awards, which are awarded to individuals.

1. Leading innovation in Indigenous health curriculum implementation

The Adelaide Poche Centre for Indigenous Health & Wellbeing Teaching Team, Flinders University South Australia

2. Leading innovation in Indigenous student recruitment, support and graduation

Māori Health Workforce Development Unit, University of Otago Dunedin  

3. Leading innovation in community engagement

The Māori Indigenous Health Institute (MIHI), University of Otago Christchurch

4. LIMElight Leadership Award for outstanding leadership by an individual

Mr Romlie Mokak, Lowitja Institute 

Associate Professor Suzanne Pitama, University of Otago, Christchurch

5. Student Award

Natasha Martin, University of Otago Wellington