Slice of LIME Seminars

Slice of LIME Seminars focus on specific topics of interest for our members. Click on the buttons below to view the recordings on You Tube, or read more on this page.

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The first Slice of LIME Seminar was held on 3rd March 2014 with Professor Fred Hafferty from the Mayo Clinic, USA, and focused on admissions criteria. Professor Hafferty led an interactive workshop and discussion on admissions criteria, and the way these criteria can impact on student cohorts and curriculum content.

The group discussed: impact of admissions criteria & practices on quality education; developing criteria to create a cohort aligned with a graduate focus; filtering applicants; shaping applicants through content; curriculum informed by  students undertaking the course; indicators measuring quality of education; patients & community involvement; ideal admissions criteria; creating a truly diverse student body, how this impacts on education, curriculum & teaching; Indigenous admissions & curricula enhanced by presence of Indigenous students; alternative entry; & supporting a diverse student body.

The second Slice of LIME Seminar was presented by Professor Dennis McDermott & Mr Dave Sjoberg from the Poche Centre for Indigenous Health and Well-Being at Flinders University South Australia, on 12th August 2014. It focused on cultural safety in health professions, & explored pedagogical methods for addressing issues such as racism, white privilege & stereotyping of Indigenous people, as encountered when teaching health science students.

Topics discussed included: Equipping students to challenge cultural safety policies & institutional racism in a safe way; Working with health students & professionals to deconstruct language to deal with racism; Engagement with resistant, uncritical & racist responses to Indigenous health curriculum & creating safe space for these conversations; Decolonising minds of students & institutions; & Organisational change - addressing institutional barriers to deliver successful Indigenous health teaching.

The third Slice of LIME seminar was hosted by Flinders University SA on  12 September 2014.

Presenters for this third Seminar include Uncle Lewis Yerloburka O'Brien (Kaurna Elder), Aunty Miriam-Rose Ungunmerr-Baumann, Prof. L.C. Chan, Dr Heather Gaunt.

Rapporteur for the session was Prof Lambert Schuwirht and it was facilitated by Prof. Dennis McDermott.

Click here to access the Seminar Programme.


The fourth Slice of LIME Seminar was held on 27th April 2015, hosted by the University of Sydney. This event was a Poche Indigenous Health Network Key Thinkers Forum and a National Senior Teaching Fellowship activity, supported by the Office of Learning and Teaching.

The forum focused on identifying and applying critical elements of cultural competency/humility/safety for effective cross-cultural work. It brought together key thinkers in this area to search for common ground, and sought to clarify our understanding of which elements, across the array of health care models, are critical to success, along with identifying any less-obvious barriers to effectiveness.

The forum was chaired by Dr Tom Calma, and featured Dr Melanie Tervalon (USA); Dr Rhys Jones (Aotearoa/New Zealand); Professor Juanita Sherwood (Australia); Professor Dennis McDermott (Australia); and Dr Barry Lavallee (Canada).

The fifth Slice of LIME Seminar was hosted by the Poche Indigenous Health Network in Sydney, on Thursday 29th October 2015.

The Key Thinkers Forum brought together a number of key thinkers in the area of health literacy to clarify our understanding of the concept and the complexity of the issue, and to enable us to harness key learnings from successful projects.

Download the Briefing Paper here. 

The sixth Slice of LIME Seminar was hosted by the Poche Indigenous Health Network in Sydney, on Thursday 28th April 2016. Do we need traditional Aboriginal medicine working with western medicine to close the gap?

This Close the Gap forum considered the health maintenance and traditional healing practices of Aboriginal Ngangkari in western medicine. Could the gap that’s missing be - Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture, knowedge and spirituality?


The seventh Slice of LIME Seminar was hosted by the Poche Centre for Indigenous Health - Key Thinkers Forum, Sydney, Tuesday May 30th 2017. 1967 Referendum - implications for health then, now and in the future.

Where are we today as a Nation?What has the Referendum meant for the social, emotional, cultural, wellbeing and health of Aboriginal peoples and communities? 

What will it mean in the future? What does it mean for our Nation, policy and human rights today?  

Special panel lineup: 
Professor Tom Calma AO (panel chair) 
Norma Ingram – Chair, Wyanga Aboriginal Aged Care 
Sol Bellear AM - Chair Aboriginal Medical Service Redfern, Land Rights Champion, NSW LALC
Boe Rambaldini- Manager, NSW Health, Centre for Oral Health Strategy

Gary Oliver - CEO National Congress of First People 

Chontel Gibson - Faculty of Health Science, University of Sydney 

Download the Briefing Paper here.



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