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Year 2016
Author(s) Andrew Leyland, Janet Smylie, Madeleine Cole, Darlene Kitty, Lindsay Crowshoe, Veronica McKinney, Michael Green, Sarah Funnell, Simon Brascoupé, Joanne Dallaire, Artem Safarov.
Topic(s) Cultural Immersion | Evidence Based Programs and Research | Medical Professionalism and Culture Safety | Partnering with Indigenous Communities | Social Determinants of Health | Training Indigenous Health Practitioners |
Resource Type Publication
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Family physicians know that supporting a patient’s health requires trust, compassion, and mutual respect. For Indigenous patients and their families, this is not always achieved. Systemic racism has been identified as a major barrier to positive relationships between physicians and Indigenous patients and the best care of Indigenous peoples.1 This brief guide for physicians helps you understand better the role that systemic racism can play in shaping an Indigenous patient’s clinical experience, and what you can do about it. As Indigenous patients, Indigenous physicians, and allies, we are appealing to you to help us address this pervasive and harmful problem.