Curriculum Resources for Indigenous Health

The CDAMS Indigenous Health Curriculum Framework identified 8 core subject areas key to the learning about the health of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples.

These core subject areas are:

  • History; Culture, self and identity;
  • Indigenous societies, cultures and medicines;
  • Population health; Models of health service delivery;
  • Clinical presentation and disease;
  • Communication skills and
  • Working with Indigenous peoples, ethics, protocols and research.

Each of these 8 core subject areas have key student learning attributes and outcomes.


To help you achieve the key student attributes and outcomes, aid your teahing and enrich your curriculum we have created a Resources Hub, which is regularly updated with new resources to assist in the teaching and learning of Indigenous medical education, and the recruitment and support through to graduation of Indigenous medicine and health science students.


Please click here to visit the Resources Hub.


We are always seeking additional resources, so if you have any publications, audio visual materials or websites that you recommend and would like to add to the Resources Hub, please email us using the contact us form.


You will also find links to teaching and learning resources via other organisations, on our links page.