Since 2009, Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander and Māori medical students and community members have been supported to participate in LIME Connection conferences via funded bursaries.

Bursary were awarded to those who are:

  • of Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander or Māori descent
  • a current student enrolled in medical studies at an Australian or Aotearoa/New Zealand University (Students only);
  • a student member or agree to register as a member of the Australian Indigenous Doctors’ Association (AIDA) or Te ORA (Students only)
  • actively involved in working with a Medical School (community members only).


Bursaries were be awarded on the recommendation of a selection committee and were based on specific selection criteria.

The bursary covers the costs of airfares, accommodation, meals, conference registration and networking events.



“It exceeded my expectations! I had no idea how amazing how big LIME was and how brilliantly organised it would be. I met a range of like minded and friendly people who’s friendships I will hopefully keep for life. I was motivated and moved by the speakers and their lessons in improving Indigenous Medical education inspired me to recognise and improve such areas in my own university”


“I enjoyed learning more about aboriginal culture in general I also feel that I learnt that one does not have to carry all the burden by being the only indigenous person in the room”


“(without the bursary I couldn’t have in my wildest dreams been able to attend) It was a fantastic opportunity to network, connect, learn and I really felt like I walked away from the LIME Connection seeing the world through a new lens and with newly inspired goals. The food, accommodation, flights and venue were all really amazing I couldn’t have asked for anything more”


“I developed a lot of new relationships with other students and a few with junior doctors that attended. This is important to me because it’s given me a group of people that have been/are going through the same things that I am, that even my close friends don’t quite understand”


“It is invaluable to say the least. Various conferences I’ve previously been to do not value the land to the extent this conference has and it is indeed very special and important”


“Thank you so much to everyone who played a part in myself and the other students attending LIME it was a turning point in my medical education and an opportunity I am so proud to have had!” 



The Bursaries are funded by generous contributions from Medical Schools across Australia and New Zealand.